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Our offer

  • Internal export audit and diagnostic

  • Marketing and financial analysis

  • Market study and geographical 


Learn more about your company and your product

  • Strategic approach

  • Logistic approach

Better prepare your departure on a foreign market by planning 

costs and time ahead




  • Communication and network

  • Prospection

  • Transport and legal

Get an international recognition for your product, with the help of an expert network


  • Business follow-up

  • Activity extension

Create a long-term activity

and look for new opportunities

StratXport Booklet (English version) :

StratXport is supporting French Businesses, SMEs, all along their export process by an externalizing solution. In fact, we are managing globally, the operational part of the process and putting our clients through the different export professionals to optimize the international sale of its product

You can discover below our methodology, and for more details download our booklet. 

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