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Our Company  is supporting businesses in their export process. A lot of SME's manager see this activity as "only reserved" to global companies because it requires time, money and human ressources. To solve this issue, StratXport gives you the opportunity to externalize your export department. This will help your company to reach the next level by discovering new markets and boosting your turnover.

Don't hesitate any more, the international marketplace is calling you!

YOUR development, OUR priority

What is making us different


Trust and transparency will be the basis of our collaboration


 Minimizing the risks
and maximizing your chances

Hybrid service

 Professionals both from the public and the private dedicated for your export development

Turnover boost

Stimulate your company by increasing your international recognition


The main export barriers

Unpaid order concern

Lack of technical knowledge


cost / time

Do not fear the export

StratXport is supporting you ! 

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